How to dye leather shoes

How to dye leather shoes

Leather dye differs to colour dye / shoe paint in that it penetrates the surface of the leather to stain it permanently, creating a rich coloured surface whilst maintaining the surface properties.

Leather dye can be used to change the colour of leather items (from light to dark), or to fully revive & refresh the existing colour.

This process is not only limited to shoes - any leather items can be dyed using these steps.


Step 1: Prepare the leather
Put some Tedd’s Leather Stripper onto a clean cloth and rub over the leather to remove all existing polishes and finishes. Leave to dry.

Tedd’s Tip: Preparing the leather first is absolutely essential. The Leather Stripper opens the pores of the leather, allowing the dye to penetrate better, resulting in a much better finish. Take your time on this as the more preparation you do, the better the end result.


Step 2: Apply Leather Dye
Apply thin, even layers of Tarrago Leather Dye using the brush included in the box. Leave to dry for approx. 30 minutes. Repeat the process with as many coats as required until the desired depth of colour is reached.

Tedd’s Tip:It is a lot better to apply the dye in thin layers and slowly build the colour up.
Remember that you can always make the colour darker, but you can’t lighten it so it’s important to leave the dye to dry for the 30 minutes before assessing the colour.


Step 3: Curing the Leather Dye
Once the desired depth of colour has been reached, leave for at least 6 hours so that the dye can dry thoroughly. The longer you leave the leather to dry, the better.


Step 4: Apply Polish
The leather would’ve dried out a little during the process of dyeing them, so it’s highly recommended that a matching Leather Cream is applied to rehydrate the leather. Apply a thin layer of Leather Cream and buff to a shine.

Tedd’s Tip: To maintain the leather, reapply the polish when the leather starts to look a little dull again


Step 5: Protection
To ensure that your upcycled or refreshed leather item is kept in best condition, apply a layer of Tarrago Rain & Stains Protector is applied. Spray an even layer of protector from approx. 30cm distance. This will help prevent damage from spills and water and is especially recommended for footwear and handbags.