Dasco Shoe Cream + Brush Combo





The perfect shoe polishing combo! 

Combo includes:
1x Dasco Shoe Cream 50ml (choice of colour)
1x Tedd's Combi Brush Neutral

Dasco Shoe Cream is a renovating shoe cream with high pigment content. It helps to restore and maintain the original colour on all smooth and synthetic leathers. Contains a blend of top quality waxes, including beeswax which gives it excellent shining properties. 

The Tedd's Combi Brush is a high quality double sided shoe brush, with firm bristles. Apply the shoe cream to your shoes with the oval tuft and then buff to a shine using the reverse side.

Colour: 100 Neutral

More Information

How to Polish in 4 steps:
To begin with, you'll want to ensure your leather shoes/bags/jackets/items are clean before polishing

1. Select the Shoe Cream that best matches the colour of your shoes.
Neutral can always be used if there isn't a close match
2. Apply small amounts of shoe cream with the oval tuft of bristles on the Combi Brush.
Work the cream into the leather by using a circular motion
3. Leave the cream to penetrate into the leather for 10-15 minutes
To begin with, the cream will appear slightly cloudy & matte
4. Use the reverse side of the Combi Brush to polish the leather to a shine
A polishing cloth after will increase the level of shine

We highly recommend applying a Rain & Stain Protector after polishing to repel water, stains & spills.