Caring for your Leather Shoes

Caring for your Leather Shoes

Products To Use

Prior to commencement, remove any loose dirt and mud from footwear.

Synthetic Combi BrushUse for cleaning

Dasco Multi CleanerAs shown in the video, lightly spray the shoe with this Foaming Cleaner. With a Cleaning Brush, work in a circular motion over the entire surface paying particular attention to where the upper joins the sole. Leave shoe to dry completely before applying polish.

Combi Brush (Black or White Bristles)Use the applicator side of the brush to apply Shoe Cream.

Dasco Shoe CreamColour of your choice. High pigmented polish, with beeswax. Apply a small quantity of Shoe Cream with the Combi Brush - again using a circular motion. The cream will appear slightly cloudy as it absorbs into the leather. Leave to penetrate for 10-15 minutes, then use the reverse side of the brush to polish to a high shine.

Dasco Polishing Cloth - For optimum shine of your shoes and to remove any excess polish that may have been left on the shoe, use the Dasco Polishing Cloth and rub over the whole shoe. This cloth can also be used for removing any excess foam when cleaning the shoe with Dasco Multi Cleaner.

Dasco Water ProtectorComplete the care process by applying an even coat of Water Protector. This is necessary to repel water and protects the shoe from damaging elements such as dirt and liquids.
Tip: Apply from a distance of approx 30cm

Wooden Cedar Shoe Tree100% cedar wood absorbs moisture and deodorises shoes naturally. Suited for most dress and casual shoes. Adjustable shoe trees help preserve the shape of your shoes.