How to stretch shoes?

Learn how to stretch your shoes to help alleviate discomfort
How to stretch shoes?

Are your shoes too tight, or are they causing you pain whilst wearing them? There are several ways to stretch your shoes and help alleviate discomfort.

1. Shoe Stretch Spray

An easy-to-use product, Shoe Stretch Spray, will help the shoe adapt to the shape of your foot, relieving pressure points and pain.
Stretch spray works by relaxing the leather fibres to allow them to be manipulated and stretched. This spray is only designed for smooth leather and suede/nubuck leather. 

How to use Stretch Spray:
1. Shake the can
2. Spray the product generously inside the shoe, focusing on the particular areas that are causing discomfort
3a. Put the shoe on & walk to allow the expansion to occur in the required areas. 
3b. A shoe stretcher can be inserted to do the stretching at this point
4. Leave to dry for 30 minutes

- For best results, leave the shoes overnight before wearing them to allow the leather fibres to settle into their new position properly.
- Insert a shoe tree when they're not being worn to help maintain the new shape


2. Wooden Shoe Stretcher

A Wooden Shoe Stretcher is the ultimate when stretching your shoes at home. If you struggle with a variety of foot problems, from flat & wide feet to bunions, corns or other abnormalities that mean most of your shoes need stretching, then a Wooden Shoe Stretcher is ideal for you.

How to use a Wooden Shoe Stretcher:
1. Apply the Shoe Stretch Spray, as above, to help soften the leather
2. If you suffer from bunions or have specific areas that need more stretching, insert the included plastic plugs into the appropriate holes in the side of the stretcher
3. Place the shoe stretcher inside your shoe
4. Gently turn the handle in a clockwise direction until stretching occurs.
Please don't turn it too far all at once, as you could overstretch the leather. You want to apply small amounts of pressure to stretch the leather fibres gently
5. Repeat the above steps for the other shoe, if required.
Remember that the pain points may differ, so adjust the plugs if necessary.

- Small, incremental stretching is better. Often just a little stretch can make a big difference
- To keep the shoes in their new shape, it is recommended that you insert a shoe tree when they're not being worn