What's the benefit of cedar wood shoe trees?

What's the benefit of cedar wood shoe trees?

A lot of people ask, are shoe trees really that important? The short answer is yes, they play a huge role in extending the life of your footwear.

If you look after the outside of your shoes, why shouldn't you maintain them from the inside too. Consistently using shoe trees will help to keep your shoes healthy and in shape.

3 Functions of Cedar Shoe Trees:

1. Unfinished cedar absorbs moisture
Did you know that your feet produce up to 1/2 cup of moisture, on average, per day? If nothing is done, this bacteria breeding moisture is absorbed permanently into the shoe linings, often making them smelly and thus decreasing the life of the shoes. By placing cedar shoe trees in every night, the moisture is absorbed into the shoe tree from the shoe. This diminishes the damp environment that bacteria prefers.

2. Original shape of the shoe is maintained
Shoe uppers often need support to stay in shape. Using shoe trees on a daily basis prevents the upper from curling and cracking. Shoe trees provide equal pressure in multiple directions which helps to reduce wrinkling and ensures the natural shape of the shoe is maintained. 

3. Cedar aroma deodorizes
Cedar wood is often recognised for its pleasant aroma. This powerful aroma naturally diminishes any shoe odors that might be lurking. When the cedar smell fades over time, just lightly sand the shoe tree to bring them back to life.