Tarrago Shoe Cream + Brush Combo





A great combo for polishing your shoes.

Combo Includes:
1x Tarrago Shoe Cream 50ml (choice of colour)
1x Tedd's Combi Brush Neutral


Tarrago Shoe Cream improves the colour, nourishes, shines and maintains all smooth and synthetic leathers. Due to its high-quality pigment content, the cream offers great coverage for scuffs and helps to enhance the colour.
With a carnauba wax and beeswax base, the Tarrago Shoe Cream provides long-lasting shine, protection from water, nutrition to the leather and ensures flexibility is maintained. 


The Tedd's Combi Brush is a high quality double sided shoe brush, with firm bristles. Apply the shoe cream to your shoes with the oval tuft and then buff to a shine using the reverse side.


Color: 00 Neutral