Why is it important to use Water Protector Spray?

Why is it important to use Water Protector Spray?

Question: If nothing else, what is one thing that I should do to look after my footwear?

We get that a full-on care regime may seem a little bit cumbersome, but don't forget that the more care you give your footwear, the more you'll get from them.

Answer: More than any other apparel item, footwear is constantly exposed to the harshest conditions. If you do nothing else, spending a few seconds to apply Water & Stain Protector is the least you can do to look after your footwear. The good thing is that all our Protector Sprays are suitable for use on smooth leather, suede & nubuck, textiles and even TEX Membranes. So one product can protect your whole footwear collection - no matter how diverse.

Why is protection so important?
Protecting your footwear not only safeguards them against water, but also makes them easier to clean by preventing dirt and other spills from penetrating the surface. So when the unfortunate happens, if you've applied Water & Stain Protector to your footwear, the clean-up process is a lot easier & more successful.

How often should Water & Stain Protector be applied?
It is highly recommended to apply two or three coats before wearing new footwear for the first time. You never know what might happen on that short walk down the road.
Thereafter, the general rule of thumb is every 3-6 wars, or at least once a month. This does depend on the frequency of wear and also time of year. During the winter months, when footwear is more exposed to the elements, reapplication may need to be more frequent.