Cleaning & Restoring White Shoes

A guide on how to keep your white shoes white.
Cleaning & Restoring White Shoes

Got a pair of white shoes? Frustrated with them looking dirty? Tedd has a solution.

White shoes are a staple of summer wardrobes, but the problem is they don't stay white for long! There are a few myths and unorthodox methods out there for restoring the pureness to your white shoes, however, let Tedd (the shoe expert) advise you the professional way it's done.

With just 3 simple products, you can have your white shoes looking new again. And yes, this also applies to all those white-soled sneakers you have in your possession as well.

  1. Tarrago Sneaker Cleaner
  2. Tedd's Sneaker Brush
  3. Dasco Whitener Liquid

Tarrago Sneaker Cleaner can be used on any material (except patent leather) which makes it a great cleaner for your whole shoe collection. It is exceptional at cleaning white soles.

The Tedd's Sneaker Brush is what allows the Cleaner to work its magic.

Dasco Whitener Liquid is the breath of fresh air needed to restore the white to your shoes. Only use this on canvas/fabric and smooth leather items.


In addition to these 3 items, there's a couple of products that will take your restoration to the next level.

  1. Dasco Polishing Cloth
  2. Dasco Protector Spray 


Check out the product combos we have. They include all the products you need to keep your white shoes fresh.


How's it done?

Step 1:     Remove the laces from your shoes (if applicable)

Step 2:     Spray 2-3 pumps of the Tarrago Sneaker Cleaner into a small bowl of water

Step 3:     Get your Tedd's Sneaker Brush, dip it into the bowl of water and scrub the shoe. This should work up a bit of a lather.

Step 4:     Wipe the liquid away with a clean cloth, such as a Dasco Polishing Cloth

Step 5:     Repeat steps 2-4 until you're satisfied with the result. This especially applies to stubborn stains & marks.

Step 6:     Leave your shoes to dry completely. Air dry only - don't force dry them by placing in direct heat. Shoes don't like this!

Step 7:     Once dry, apply Dasco Whitener Liquid. This can be used on any canvas/fabric and smooth leather materials. 

Step 8:     Tedd recommends applying Dasco Water Protector Spray to your shoes before wearing them again.