How to keep your Suede Footwear looking new!

How to keep your Suede Footwear looking new!

Products To Use

Wooden Suedette BrushUse this brush first to remove any excess dirt and dust from the shoe/boot. This will allow the Suede Shampoo to better penetrate the suede. This brush is also used to bring the nap of the suede back up, once the reviver spray has been applied and the shoe/boot has fully dried.

Dasco Suede & Nubuck ShampooAs shown in the video, this is a foaming cleaner that is sprayed onto the entire shoe/boot. Using a Synthetic Combi Brush, gently scrub the entire surface and then leave to dry.

Dasco Suede & Nubuck ReviverLightly spray the Reviver onto the shoe/boot once it is dry from cleaning. Leave the reviver to dry on the shoe for at least
15-20mins. Bring the nap back up with the Wooden Suedette Brush.
Tip 1: Ensure you have the correct colour to match your shoe/boot, or use a neutral. You can also get this product in a sponge on version which comes in a few more colours.
Tip 2: Check the colour is dry by lightly rubbing your hand over the suede. Colour should not rub off if completely dry. If the colour continues to run and the suede leather is not absorbing it completely, we recommend you consult your local Shoe Shop or Footwear Repairer. See your nearest stockist here.

Dasco Water ProtectorComplete the care process by applying an even coat of Water Protector. This will protect your shoes/boots from damaging elements such as dirt and liquids. It will also serve as a seal to prevent colour running in wet conditions.
Tip: Apply from distance of approx 30cm