Tarrago Sneakers Paint - Standard Colours





Tarrago Sneakers Paint is a water-based color dye specially formulated to change the color, customize or restore your smooth leather, synthetic leather or canvas sneakers. Thanks to its high concentration of high quality pigments, it has a high hiding power. It offers a high resistance to wet/dry friction and flexing, preventing the dye from cracking. As a water-based formula, it is not considered a hazardous product for the consumer or the environment. The box contains a 25ml color bottle, a paint brush, an applicator sponge, a dossing cap and a leaflet.

Ensure sneakers are clean before dyeing. We recommend the Sneaker Cleaner + Sneaker Brush for this.

For best dyeing results with smooth leather and synthetic leather, prepare the shoes with Cleaner/Preparer first.

Get your color

Sneakers paint can be mixed between them by using the included dossing cap to achieve the desired tone.


Orange: 2 parts yellow and 1 part magenta

Violet: 2 parts magenta and 1 part cyan

Green: 2 parts cyan and 1 part yellow

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Colour: 01 White

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