Tarrago Sneakers Paint Starter Kit
Tarrago Sneakers Paint Starter Kit

Tarrago Sneakers Paint Starter Kit




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The perfect kit that includes everything necessary to get you started in the sneaker customisation world! Start creating your own unique sneakers.

Suitable for smooth leather, synthetic leather and canvas.
Paints are water-based, have high coverage and are fast drying.

Kit Includes:
1x Sneakers Paint White 25ml
1x Sneakers Paint Black 25ml
1x Sneakers Paint Yellow Base 25ml
1x Sneakers Paint Intense Blue 25ml
1x Sneakers Paint Strawberry Red 25ml
1x Deglazer Leather Preparer 25ml
5x Professional Paint Brushes: 3 flat, 2 round

For colour mixing guidance, visit Tarrago's dedicated website


How To Paint

1. Clean textiles and canvas with Sneakers Cleaner
    Prepare leather with the Deglazer Leather Preparer
2. Before painting, stir content with a Paint Brush until a uniform colour is obtained
3. Customise, change the colour or repair
a. Use a sponge to cover large surfaces. With a paint brush, paint one corner of the sponge and gently rub over with circular motion
b. Use a paint brush for small details or customisation
c. Use an airbrush, read instructions before using. Use neutral base to dilute the paint and maintain it's properties

- Light, thin applications are much better. Several thin layers will give a much nicer finish than a single thick layer. 
- To accelerate the painting process between layers, use a hair dryer - with caution
- Optimum drying time after final coat is 12 hours