Tarrago Sneakers Midsole Cleaner





Keep your midsoles clean in minutes! Tarrago Sneakers Midsole Cleaner is a solvent based cleaning cream with bamboo essence. 

Specially formulated for quick, easy & effective cleaning of all types of midsoles. The Midsole Cleaner Cream can be applied over any colour. No residue is left and original midsole texture is not affected.

50ml Jar. Neutral


More Information

- Test in an inconspicuous spot first
- Dipping the sneaker cleaning brush in water before scrubbing the midsole makes for easier work
- Leave the Midsole Cleaner Cream on for up to 10 minutes before cleaning. The longer you leave it the more powerful the results
- Optimal results can be seen after a single application. However, you can apply as many times as you need to remove embedded dirt

How to use
1. Apply the Midsole Cleaner Cream with a paintbrush to the midsole, covering the area completely
2. Leave for a minute so that the formula can do its work in drawing out the dirt
3. Get the Tedd's Sneaker Brush, and dip it in a bowl of water to wet the bristles
4. Gently scrub the midsole in long strokes. This will create a foaming lather
5. Wipe away the foam with a Tedd's Cotton Cloth, to reveal your freshened midsoles
6. Repeat the process if necessary