Tarrago Saddle Soap





Tarrago Saddle Soap can be used on any smooth leather items. It cleans and protects the leather from the weather elements, sweat and dirt, leaving it smooth and soft.

The vegetable oil content moisturises the leather and helps prevent cracking.

Great for all leather footwear especially work boots, saddles, leather goods, luggage etc

100ml Tin

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How to use:

1. Remove surface dust
2. Soak a sponge in water & add a splash of water to the Saddle Soap tin
3. Rub the soaked sponge on the soap to get foam
4. Apply over the leather rubbing vigorously
5. Remove the remaining foam with a clean, slightly damp cloth
6. Allow to dry completely
7. Once dry, polish by rubbing with a cloth.
A shoe cream can be used after cleaning to revive colour