Tarrago Nano Protector





High-tech waterproofing that prevents the transfer of water, oil, fat etc into most surfaces by creating the "Lotus flower effect" when applied - an invisible layer that protects the surface. This product repels dirt and its regular use prolongs the life of each surface. Tarrago Nano Protector can be used on all types of footwear, functional jackets, bags, backpacks etc. Suitable for natural and synthetic leather, suede, nubuck and breathable and waterproofing membranes such as Gore-Tex. Not suitable for metallic leather or patent leather. 250ml Aerosol

More Information

How to apply?
1. Ensure the shoe is clean first.
Using the Tarrago Sneaker Cleaner is a great option for this.
2. Shake the bottle
3. Spray evenly onto the surface, from a distance of at least 30cm
4. Leave to dry for 30 minutes

How long does it protect footwear for?
We always recommend protecting at least once a month for footwear being worn frequently, to ensure the level of protection is always at a maximum.

How many pairs of shoes can be protected with the 250ml Nano Protector?
You should be able to protect up to 8 pairs of shoes

Will the spray affect the look or functionality of my footwear?
It's a colourless, invisible spray so won't affect the look or colouring of your footwear.
Because of the nanotechnology used, the breathability of footwear is not affected in any way.