Tarrago Cleaner Combo
Tarrago Cleaner Combo

Tarrago Cleaner Combo





The ideal cleaning combo for all shoe types, especially sneakers & white-soled shoes.

Combo includes: 
1x Tarrago Cleaner
1x Tedd's Cleaning Brush

Tarrago Cleaner is a foaming cleaner with extremely high cleaning power. The delicate formula effectively cleans all material types without damaging the original characteristics or modifying colours. It is suitable for use on smooth leather, synthetic leather, oiled leather, suede, nubuck, fabrics, textiles and microfibres. It removes the most stubborn stains and works like magic on white-soled footwear.
The Cleaning Brush is made with a beech wood handle and delicate synthetic bristles. It is the ultimate tool to help remove stains from any pair of shoes.

More Information

Simple & easy to use with these few steps:

1. Get a small bowl of water
2. Add a few sprays of Tarrago Sneaker Cleaner into the water, as well as on the brush
3. Dip the brush into the bowl
4. Apply to your shoes, scrubbing in a circular motion to create a foaming action
5. When the foam lessens, redip the brush into the water
6. Wipe away excess foam. Repeat cleaning process if necessary
7. Leave to dry naturally, away from direct heat
8. Apply a Waterproof Spray for protection

Tip: Remove laces before cleaning & insert a shoe tree so you're working on a firm surface