Supreme Sneaker Care Kit





Everything you need to keep your sneaker collection in top condition!

Kit includes:
1x Tarrago Sneakers WASC Cleaner 125ml
1x Tedd's Sneaker Cleaning Brush
1x Tarrago Nano Protector 250ml
1pr x  Sneaker Crease Guards (size of your choice)

More Information

Tarrago Sneakers WASC Cleaner + Brush
Tarrago Sneakers WASC Cleaner has a new & revolutionary cleaning technology that provides a high cleaning power to remove the most stubborn stains and dirt. Recovers the original white on midsoles. With a secret ingredient, the new WASC formula gives quick visible results. It is water-based and contains coconut oil for conditioning.
The wooden handle sneaker brush is the ultimate cleaning tool (along with a bowl of water).

TIP: Spray the Tarrago Sneakers WASC Cleaner a few times into a small bowl of water, dunk the brush into the water & get to work!

Tarrago Nano Protector
A high-tech waterproofing spray that creates an invisible layer on your sneakers, preventing the likes of water, oil, fat (& whatever else might land in the wrong place) from penetrating the surface. Instead the spill sits on top, so you can quickly & easily wipe it away.
Spray onto dry & clean sneakers from a distance of at least 30cm.

Plastic Shoe Tree
Insert these into your sneakers to help keep them in shape & to maintain airflow so they don't start smelling!