Avel Leather Cleaning Soap 200ml





Cleaning leather is an essential first step - whether it be footwear, sofas, chairs or car interiors; they all need cleaning.

Avel Leather Cleaning Soap is an effective soap that gently cleans dirt, waxes, coatings and stains from smooth leathers. With a neutral, non-alkaline formula, it is safe to use even on the most delicate leathers. The cleaning soap opens the pores of the leather, allowing additional leather lotions and/or renovating creams to be absorbed so that the leather is restored to its original look.

200ml Container with sponge included

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How to use:

1. Slightly dampen the included sponge
2. Apply a small amount of product to the damp sponge
3. Work the soap into the leather, using a gentle circular motion
4. Remove excess product & dirt released with a soft clean cloth
5. Repeat the above steps until leather furniture is cleaned
6. Apply a Leather Furniture Renovating Balm for nourishment or a Tarrago Leather Dye for restoration of colour

NOTE: A 200ml container should do 6-7 seats, depending on dirt level.