Dasco Ultimate Leather Care Kit




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Everything you need to restore your favourite leather items and give them a new life.

Kit Contains:
1x Dasco Multi Cleaner 200ml
1x Dasco Shoe Cream 50ml (in your colour choice)
1x Tedd's Combi Brush Neutral
1x Dasco Polishing Cloth
1x Dasco Protector 200ml
1x Storage Bag

An outstanding restoration can be achieved in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Clean
Dasco Multi Cleaner
A foaming cleaner to remove any dirt, mildew or stains

Step 2: Polish
Dasco Shoe Cream
Nourish and restore colour to the leather
Apply using the Tedd's Combi Brush small tuft and then polish to a shine using the reverse side.
Note: The Polishing Cloth can also be used to buff to a shine

Step 3: Protect
Dasco Protector
An essential step to ensure your freshly restored leather item is protected from water, dirt & spills.
Apply a couple of coats from approx 30cm and reapply every 4-6 weeks.

Colour: 100 Neutral