Clean Heels Heel Stoppers
Clean Heels Heel Stoppers

Clean Heels Heel Stoppers





Heel Stoppers are the perfect solution for protecting your heels, floors and elegance in any situation! They are cleverly designed to keep you from sinking into grass and will protect your heels on uneven surfaces. Clean Heels Heel Stoppers are made from high-quality plastics in the UK that will not stain or discolour your prized heels.

Their flexible design fits snuggly around the shoe's heel and offers improved balance and grip on uneven and soft flooring surfaces - keeping you looking your elegant best at all times.

These are also ideal for hosts looking to protect their wooden floors - the soft but sturdy materials will stop guests leaving ugly stiletto marks on soft flooring.


Internal Measurements (Heel Diameter)
Petite: 5mm
Small: 10mm
Medium: 13mm

Colour: Black