Avel Textile Protector 400ml Aerosol





Avel Textile Protector has been specially designed to protect various fabrics and textiles from stain and water damage penetration.

Applying the Textile Protector provides an invisible layer of protection, waterproofing the item and enhancing its resistance to spills and stains as well as protecting from sunlight. 

Recommended for use inside & out; use it on furniture, upholstery, car interiors, shoes, clothing, tents, awnings and outdoor furniture fabrics.
Suitable for use on fabrics like cotton, polyester, microfibre, canvas; as well as leather.

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How to use:

1. Ensure the fabric/textile furniture or item is clean first, using the Special Textile Cleaner
2. Shake the can
3. Apply sparingly, spraying from a distance of approx 30cm
4. Leave to dry & absorb for at least 30 mins